The Original Driveway Alert®

The original Driveway Alert® system is designed to monitor activity around your home and property. Our weatherproof sensor/transmitter uses an invisible infra-red beam to detect vehicles and other objects entering your property. A signal is then transmitted to a conveniently placed receiver up to 2500 feet away.

Made in the USA, Miltronics is the creator and only manufacturer of the original Driveway Alert® System. Driveway Alert's unsurpassed quality has made it the standard by which all other driveway alarms are measured!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! No restocking fee as long as product is in original condition.

Limited Lifetime Warranty! No more worries, for the life of the product.

The Uses for our Driveway Alert® Systems are Endless
Our infra-red sensor and lens design is able to detect moving vehicles, people and animals. Use our standard infra-red sensor/transmitters to monitor driveways, entryways, pathways, sidewalks, doorways, yards, barns, gardens, garages, sheds, hallways, business entrances, stockrooms, remote areas, appurtenant structures and much more.

Receivers are available in standard configurations along with multichannel receivers for monitoring several distinct zones and portable versions typically used by campers and hunters. We also offer an assortment of different sensor/transmitters for monitoring other activities or when infra-red sensing is not practical. All our systems are quick and easy to install. We have pressure tube sensors, water sensors, push button sensors and more. ISA Alert® is a perfect aid while caring for the elderly, handicapped or challenged individuals in your home or business. Check out our accessories for enhanced visual and audio warning indicators.

A Word About How We Range Test Our Systems
Since we sell our systems to people and businesses in the real world, we range test them in the real world. We don't test on a lake or across a pond or in a laboratory or off the beaten path where no trace of interference will yield results better than what a real world user would experience.

We test on the side of a road where there are trees, shrubs, power lines, telephone lines, cable TV lines, moving vehicles and all sorts of other real world occurrences. In addition, our advertised ranges are significantly below the results attained from our real world testing. We do this to ensure your system will perform as expected. If you ever do have a problem, we welcome your call to our Tech Support line where you will discuss your problem with an actual technician working on our production floor.

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